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Vendorship or Agency wants to cancel his agreement

Notice Date 21 November 2020

If the Franchisee, Vendorship or Agency wants to cancel his agreement, then he has to fulfill the following terms and conditions, after that his amount will be returned to the Franchisee, Vendorship or Agency as per the agreement of the Company and the Franchisee, Vendorship or Agency

• Closing from scan copy

• Proposal from scan copy

• Agreement - Franchisee or Vendorship Scanned copy

• Aadhar card scan copy

• PAN card scan copy

• Driving license scan copy

• Scanned copy of bank statement last 3 months

• Details of the amount given to the company, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS and Check scan copy

• Date scanned copy of the amount paid to the company

• Registered phone number

• Registered Email ID

If the company gave you

has given any goods of its customer such as packets, parcels, cargo, or e-commerce parcels or any other item for the commencement of business or for delivery of any goods to the customer of the company and the goods have been delivered to the customer by the franchisee, vendor or agency If not done then that item will have to be returned to the head office of the company.

When all these processes are completed then the company will send your amount to your bank account.

Thank you

legal team

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