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Become a Delivery franchise with just delivery in your city

Process to become a franchise partner

first day

The franchise partner will send the following documents to the company's mail

• proposal letter

• Affidavit

• Application Form

• Receipt of Security Deposit DD or RTGS IMPS

• PAN card

• Aadhar card

• voter card

• driving license

• 4 selfie photos

• bank details

Mail all these documents to this mail id

after 2 days

When the company mails all the documents of the franchise partner and city or area approval of the franchise partner

after 4 days

After that, the security deposit will have to be deposited in the bank account mentioned by the franchise partner company in the form of RTGS or DD.

after 5 days

When the security deposit amount sent by the franchise partner to the company's account will be received by the company, then the legal team of the company sends the agreement of the franchise partner to the mail id of the franchise partner.

after 10 days

The company sends the franchise kit to the home of the franchise partner in which

T-shirt, Hat and Delivery Stationery Item

after 15 days

The franchise partner will have to take computer, internet, printer, scanner, barcode reader at his home from which the record of packets and parcels is kept and all these items are used in the work of courier.

after 17 days

The company provides online computer delivery software training to the franchise partner.

after 20 days

When the franchise partner completes the training of computer delivery software, then the company sends a load of 100+ or ​​more packets and parcels to the franchise partner's address.

When the franchise partner has received the first packet or parcel load, then the franchise partner will have to deliver all those packets and parcels in their area as per the rules of the company.

Proof of all packets and parcels delivered by the franchise partner will have to be entered in the computer and hard copy of that proof will have to be sent to the company's office from which the company Amazon, snapdeel, Meeshu, Mynta, paytm, bigbasket, JioMart all banks all LIC companies Show proof to others and take payment and give it to you

The company gives different profits to the franchise partner on different packets and parcels.

e.g. parcels with Ecommerce

Parcel at Rs.30 for delivery of parcel amounting from Rs.1 to Rs.2000

Parcel at Rs.50 for delivery of parcel amounting from Rs.2000 to Rs.20000

Parcel on Rs.200 for an amount of Rs.20000

Parcel at Rs.300 for an amount of Rs.30000

Parcel at Rs.400 for an amount of Rs.40000

Parcel at Rs.500 for an amount of Rs.50000

Parcel at Rs.600 for an amount of Rs.60000

Parcel at Rs.700 for an amount of Rs.70000

Parcel at Rs.800 for an amount of Rs.80000

Parcel at Rs.900 for an amount of Rs.90000

Document Packets

For delivery of all packets below 499 grams, parcel at Rs.10

Gives parcel at Rs.15 for delivery of all packets weighing above 500 grams

Credit Card. Credit card statement. Bank statement. ATM Password. ATM . Promotional letter. Books are magazines etc.

If you want to become a franchise partner of the company

You have to fill 3 forms given by the company

• Proposal letter

• Affidavit

• Application Form

• Security Deposit DD or RTGS IMPS receipt

• PAN Card

• Aadhar card

• Voter Card

• Driving License

• 4 selfie photos

Bank details

Mail the company on this mail id

Send all these documents to this mail id

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